Nina Dine is a Brooklyn-based painter and Master Printer for Line Press Ltd. Nina also runs her own company called Dinesty, the creative studio for Nina's projects, both personal and professional. Working primarily in series, Nina represents reflections of herself and her community connected through explorations of queer identity, communication, objects, and relationships. Her work is a report of subconscious emotional expression from her head to her hand rendered by varying techniques.

Having trained under the most astounding master printers including Ruth Lingen, Julia D'Amario, Kathy Kuehn, and Bill Lagattuta at Jim Dine Studio for over 10 years, Nina has gathered extensive training and knowledge of the collaborative print process in a professional workshop setting. After graduating from the Tamarind Institute for Fine Art Lithography in Albuquerque, NM, Nina traveled to Paris, Göttingen, Berlin, New York, and beyond collaborating with printers and artists. She has worked with many emerging and established artists and clients including Ghada Amer, Jim Dine, Leonardo Drew, Shepard Fairey, Reza Farkhondeh, Valerie Hammond, Curtis Kulig, Ruth Lingen, David Yurman, and R/GA for Nike.

Nina is currently living and working in Brooklyn, painting from her studio and collaborating with artists at the professional printmaking workshop, Line Press Ltd. Nina is influenced by her muse, good jams, and pizza.